Thursday, 26 November 2009

What are you grateful for in your career?

Happy Thanksgiving! Giving thanks is one of the great traditions - what you appreciate, appreciates!

So why not think of all the things which you are truly grateful for about your career...?

Here are my top 25....

1) My mum and dad, who encouraged me to make the best of myself in my education and to find a career and determine my own future rather than be dependent on others.

2) All the campaigners who went before me who made it possible for me to work and be paid equally and to choose my career freely.

3) My university studies and everyone who encouraged me, gave me holiday jobs to pay my way, and celebrated with me when I graduated.

4) The corporate employers (especially Marks & Spencer and IBM) who invested in training me when I was young and inexperienced.

5) The opportunities to take voluntary redundancy (3 times to date) and change career direction with ease.

6) The PC and the Internet - both of which have played major roles in my life and my career.

7) The joy of selling products and services which change the way companies work and the way people live their lives.

8) Customers and clients through the years, who have challenged me to stretch myself even further than I thought was possible.

9) The bosses that hired me and gave me the mentoring and opportunities to grow, especially Tony Marland who gave me my first break into sales in 1987.

10) Travel to interesting places all over the world - to work and to .

11) The colleagues I have laughed and cried with, despaired and celebrated with.

12) Coaching clients who have stretched themselves to achieve goals they had never thought possible when we started.

13) Winston, my dog, for being a great office companion!

14) My bright and airy loft office with views over to Canary Wharf and the City of London.

15) Headhunters and job agencies for promoting me to their clients.

16) Christopher Howard for creating his Fast Track training and for allowing me to support his speaking events and absorb the lessons over and over again.

17) My car and the ability to drive which has meant that I can travel easily to take advantage of opportunities.

18) Good health and sound sleep!

19) Austin Reed for the best business suits.

20) Filofax, Tumi and Samsonite for the best business bags and briefcases.

21) Toastmasters International for their fantastic speaking programs.

22) My husband Steve who encourages me in my business and my new ventures.

23) London for being one of the best business centres in the world.

24) Facebook and LinkedIn for all the connections, past and present, which wouldn't have been possible before.

25) Career Safari - my own career has been a magnificent journey and the story continues - watch out for the next chapter!

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