Tuesday, 25 August 2009

What is the best answer after a definite yes?

Have you ever spent lots of time and energy chasing up an opportunity, a relationship, a job perhaps? Time goes on and on, and you're still not sure whether it's going somewhere. And then eventually - you get a rejection.

Many of us have been there. When that's happened to me, I feel so angry that my time has been wasted when the other party involved clearly didn't intend to employ me, do business with me or have a relationship with me at all.

But my anger is really with myself. Wasn't there that little voice inside my head - the voice of my unconscious mind - telling me that it wasn't going anywhere all along?

Next time you're spending what feels like too much energy on something, stop and ask yourself whether this really is going somewhere - or whether you're just desperately hoping it will and ignoring all the signs.

So "What is the best answer after a definite yes?". A definite NO!!! Then you can get on with the next opportunity and stop wasting time.

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